School Year class Schedule 2014-15

School Year Class Schedule begins the last 2 weeks of August (August 18th) and continues thru the end of May.

We welcome new and returning students into all our classes. New students or students wanting to try a new discipline can take a free trial.

Most classes participate in a costumed recital at the end of the school year at a local performance facility.

We are proud to offer excellence in classical dance technique training whether you're just starting out, looking for a home or wanting to supplement your dance training. 

For more information on our programs, select from the options on the right.

  • Discovery Dance for children three through Kindergarten.
  • Pre-Professional Training for students 1st grade and higher
  • Teen/Adult for those interested in dance for fitness.

The best way to tell whether our studio fits your needs and interests is to come try a class.  We look forward to helping you choose the right class for your free trial and our teachers will help make the right placement at the end of that class. 

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so we can take care of paperwork and introduce you to the teacher.  You will be taking part in the class so please come dressed to dance.  For this first class, our dress code is flexible.  The following is what our students wear on an ongoing basis:

  • Discovery Classes - Same as ballet attire plus tap shoes.
  • Ballet - Girls wear pink shoes, pink tights & any black leotard - no built in skirts please; Boys wear white shirts, black dance pants or shorts, and black shoes.
  • Jazz, Leaps and Turns & Contemporary- Leotards and tights are fine. Dance shorts or pants can be worn.  Younger students may prefer to wear jazz shoes. Older students wear "foot undies" or take class barefoot.
  • Tap - Same as jazz plus tap shoes.
  • Adults - Exercise attire may be worn in lieu of what is listed above.  Need appropriate shoes for that class.

See links below for current class schedule, our policies and fees, and a registration form.  The first student in a family pays a registration fee of $50 and each additional sibling is $15. The registration fee applies to the year from June 1 to May 31 and is waived for adults.

Schedules & More Information

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  • Dance Insights

    "Passe is an action not a position." - Mr. Robert   Robert shares a wealth of information on a variety of topics, especially ballet.  In any class you take from him you are likely to get equal parts of history, pedagogy and current trends while training.  "Pedagogy" is the art and science of education.  So there you are, you just learned something by reading this blog post.

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